All you need to know about Buggle. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Buggle - All you need to know about Buggle. How to play, tips and even cheats.

How To Play Buggle

How To Play Buggle

Buggle is yet another addictive bubble popping game on facebook. However it follows the same theme of matching colored bubbles to burst them, it has more of a puzzle like feel. Having a well devised strategy will help you progress to the higher levels much quicker. Here we take a long at “how to play buggle”?

Before getting in to the details of how to play buggle you should be aware of what it looks like when you enter the game. As the game starts, you’ll see a screen with bubbles of different colors, while your friend, the bear has cannon with bubbles too. The bear points the cannon to fire at the colored bubbles. The fired bubble has to be of the same color as the ones you are aiming at. When you successfully fire a matching bubble at a group of three or more bubbles on the screen, they’ll burst and disappear. If this burst causes the adjoining bubbles to disconnect, they’ll fall off the top of the screen in to honey pots at the bottom and you’ll gain points as a result. This way the upper layers of bubble get exposed for you to aim at.

When there are no bubbles in your target area which match the bubbles in your cannon, you’ll have to make use of side walls to deflect the fired bubble and hit your target. This is where the game gets a bit tricky and mastering how to play buggle requires you to understand your angles accurately.

To clear a level you need to make all “wasp “bubbles fall and once you do that, all the remaining bubbles in the cannon will turn into bonus points and you’ll be awarded with a star rating according to overall score accumulated in a particular level. To know how to play buggle well you should also be aware of different magic bubbles which you get as you progress through the game. As you keep clearing levels, you’ll get “bomb” bubbles and “cure” bubbles which are helpful in getting rid of the “obstacle” bubbles which hinders your progress.

Unlike other bubble popping games in facebook, the time to clear the level is not limited in buggle but you do have a limited no of bubbles to in your armory. If you fail to drop the “wasp” bubbles before running out of bubbles in the cannon, it’s game over.

To make things a bit easier for you, buggle also features power-ups which can be purchased with the coins or facebook credits. The good thing about buggle is that it allows you to go at your own pace and take time to work out a strategy without having to worry about any external pressure. But the downside is that you are issued only randomly colored bubbles which means that if need only one red bubble to finish the game but your random bubbles are green, blue and red; they are of no use. I hope these guidelines will answer “How to play buggle” and help you make your way among the top scorers.

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